Judgement-free, unbiased financial education and guidance

Become financially secure and independent, reduce stress, reach your goals.

Ms. Moody isn’t selling any products, she’s the friendly financial educator you wish you had in school. Ms. Moody helps people going through major life transitions, particularly newlyweds and recently divorced or widowed women. Formerly a librarian, Ms. Moody has years of experience as an educator and saves you time and money by tailoring her sessions to your needs.

For newlyweds or people moving in together: Have a happier and more successful relationship by talking about money now instead of fighting about money later. Guard against the pitfalls of a spender marrying a saver, or one person becoming resentful of their spouse’s use of “their” money; understand your and your partner’s needs when it comes to money; build a plan together; learn how to organize your money to get to achieve your long term goals.

For recent divorcees and widowers: After divorce or widowhood, many women are put in charge of their own finances for the first time in decades. They don’t have the luxury of learning how to handle finances one item at a time, as we do when going into adulthood; rather, they suddenly have an adult’s amount of financial responsibility. They often feel overwhelmed and (incorrectly) blame themselves when they are late on bills, don’t understand retirement, or spend more than they are earning. Ms. Moody provides education and guidance as they learn how to handle their day-to-day expenses, plan for the future, and lead a richer life.

Don’t let these common excuses stop you from getting rid of financial stress:

  • Shame of previous actions
  • Fear of looking ignorant
  • Fear of money
  • Mistrust of banks and financial professionals
  • Lack of time

When we give in to these reasons our money doesn’t fix itself, it just stresses us out more, causing strain in our personal relationships and making us unable to focus at work. If this sounds familiar, set up a complementary introductory phone call to determine if my services can get you to the light at the end of the financial tunnel – there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Picture of Lorelei

In 2014, I found myself burdened with $55,000 in credit card debt. The debt was not due to consumer spending – embarrassingly it was due to an unfortunate series of encounters with a con man. Kate was non-judgmental when she helped me make a plan, sticking just to the money task at hand. She went through my expenditures, income and debts more thoroughly then I ever had myself. Plus, it was a surprisingly quick process. She sat down with me to create a plan to be debt free in 3 years, with optional ways to pay it off sooner. 2 years later, I made my final credit card payment and celebrated the huge victory!

Lorelei W.

Working with Kate helped me reframe my relationship with money by showing me that, although money is tangled up in our identities, our past habits don’t have to define us.  She gave me the tools I needed to start looking at my habits, reflecting on the underlying emotions that drove negative patterns, and taking time to celebrate my small successes.  One of my first goals was to have enough disposable income to give regularly to a nonprofit that I love, and after three months, I felt confident enough to set up monthly donations while also saving for a major trip and developing an emergency fund.  For a single mother with a long history of living paycheck to paycheck, the sense of stability I now have–and the forgiveness Kate’s helped me offer to myself when I slip up–is priceless.

Emily B.