As a former academic and librarian, I approach financial education from a welcoming, judgement-free, and research-based vantage point. I have been providing financial planning and guidance since 2012. After talking to too many students who were stressed out about money and had little understanding of the financial world, in 2014 I began a financial literacy program at Ripon College. This entailed teaching workshops, bringing in speakers and counselors, and building a peer-mentoring program. During this time I took classes in accounting, finance, and investment. I published two book chapters on my experience and presented at the Higher Education Financial Wellness Association conference in 2017. I have a Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University and was a librarian at Ripon College from 2011 to 2018. Guiding principles:
  1. Personal finance is not a luxury product.
  2. Because everyone has different needs, wants, and values, there is no judgement on how money has been used in the past, only help to align current values with future actions.
  3. Financial security and confidence is within all professionals’ reach.
So, where’d the name come from? Ms. Moody Money has no connection to any other financial institution with the name Moody. Growing up I hated my last name – you can imagine how kids make fun of someone with that kind of name. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school, while sitting in the library during lunch that my friend (the most beautiful, sparkling, fashionable, and flamboyant gay student in school) told me “Moody! I love that name! It’s the second best name since ‘bitch’!” From then on I was known as Ms. Moody and I’ve worn it with pride ever since.