Services offered

Ms. Moody Money offers individual/couples consultations as well as group workshops.

Ms. Moody creates an individualized, judgement-free program around your needs so that you learn what you need, in the way that works best for you. This combination of education, guidance, support, accountability, and resources ensures we spend all our time most effectively. Common needs:
  • an understanding of you and your partners’ emotional relationship with money
  • a tailored set of money rules to follow based on your financial situation
  • education on various financial terms, products, and overall personal finance
  • guidance as clients discover for themselves their goals and how they can work to achieve them
  • help with deeply rooted behavioral change
  • understanding clients’ relationship with money so they know what their strengths and weaknesses are and can best build a plan of action to reach their goals
It all begins with a complementary 20-minute initial consultation, where we will discuss your needs, if and how I can help, and which level of program would be best for you.

Four individual/couples consultation packages available.

1. Specific Answers – Learn about one or two specific aspects of personal finance, judgement-free.

2. Smart Outcomes – Bring some awareness to your spending/saving, address a negative financial behavior, get a basic understanding of your portfolio. Three months of support, education, and coaching. Includes outcomes from “Specific Answers” package.

3. Best Life – Create intentionality with your spending and saving to set yourself up to achieve your goals, stick to harder behavioral changes, make leaps towards your financial goals, develop a new personal financial mindset. Half year of support, education, and coaching. Includes outcomes from “Smart Outcomes” package.

4. Jet-Powered Best Life – Get complete control over your financial life, habituate good financial behaviors, make major and lasting changes, be on your way to achieving short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Full year of support, education, and coaching. Includes outcomes from “Best Life” package.

All packages include:
  • an initial consult
  • pre-session evaluation to assess financial understanding, needs, and learning style
  • 1-hour tailored session(s)
  • session follow up Money Map illustrating goals and action plan
  • session follow up meting notes
Smart Outcomes, Best Life, and Jet-Powered Best Life also include:
  • progress tracking
  • phone, text, and email availability for impromptu questions
  • accountability calls or texts as agreed
  • customized homework and homework review
  • one month of maintenance plan

Group workshops

Group workshops are also available, contact me to learn more!